How Well is Your Sales Tool Kit Funded for 2019?

At the beginning of the year, I like to ask my sales teams, “What’sin your wallet?” Everyone knows this Capital One tag line heard repeatedly on television,asking viewers which credit cards they carry. For almost 20 years the commercial asks the same question, because what’s in your wallet changes. Your wallet evolves as you evolve. 

I ask the question to learn how the skills of my team have evolved. Because to make a meaningful contribution to your company and teammates, you must become more effective in your workspace; create opportunities where you can lead, then manage and influence others more effectively. For sales people, this needs to happen both at the office and in front of the customer. 

Your functional sales wallet houses critical information, like product knowledge, sales training skills, account development game plans, historical customer insights and personal stories of success and failure. An effective sales person uses his or her functional sales wallet like a tool kit: when explaining a customer deal to the boss, when visiting a customer and needing a boost of insight or a new path. 

Are You Funding Your Sales Tool Kit?

January is the month to identify what you need for your ever evolving personal and professional development. Because your company products and tools are more complex, and your customers change their business focus and needs, continuous improvement to your sales tool kit is critical to personal and professional success.

Today’s selling model is demanding. Keep these strategies in mind to stay ahead of the curve and grow:

  • Refine your sales strategy development.
  • Grow your customer market insights.
  • Enhance your capabilities with new sales enablement tools.
  • Read books on leadership and negotiation to develop a deeper understanding of the needs and perspectives of others. 
  • Equally important is to advance communication, both pre and post-sales. Good communication is a tool that fits into everyone’s wallet!


What’s in My Wallet?

Helping others grow their tool kits is my top priority in 2019. Because Sales Managers are often promoted with little skill and leadership training, I will host a unique and comprehensive eight-week course for professional sales leadership. After 32 hours of strategic and tactical training focused on processes, procedures, strategy, planning, measurement,leadership and accountability, these elevated sales professionals will have the skills and insights to drive results. Upon successful completion, students will also earn a nationally-recognized certificate to show that they have attained a higher level of knowledge and are able to deliver on their company’s revenue and leadership needs. Learn more and register for the Certified Sales Leadership course at:

The constantly changing sales world means a constantly changing sales tool kit. What was in your tool kit 10, five or even three years ago is not what you need today. Or next year. As a sales leader, this requires you to develop further. To improve execution with precision, speed and confidence. Don’t just ask yourself “what’s in my wallet,” but think about what you want to be in your wallet.   

Now is the time to build up your sales tool kit. If you want some ideas or have questions on how,  Contact me to learn more about how a strong sales tool kit leads to results in your sales organization.