Meet The Person Behind All Of This

Michael Wills brings the experience of leading sales teams of 5 to 400+, with responsibility for more than $1 billion in annual revenue, and leverages those insights to help entrepreneurs. Through an award-winning corporate sales and sales leadership career, he has traveled the world helping small-cap to Fortune 100 companies of all industries, generating outstanding sales results and high client satisfaction. From his natural leadership, his sales teams are always highly motivated, well trained, and laser-focused on achieving strategies and targets.

After 25-years of grinding global travel, Michael took the leap to open his own firm to bring professional sales leadership to owners of smaller companies to help them become, “sales-driven”. He is passionate about supporting smaller companies of all industries, allowing them to run their business and reducing their frustrations.

Michael holds both a Bachelor’s degree from George Washington University and an MBA from Drexel University, with further education at Wharton. He is happily married for 28 years with three grown sons and enjoys outdoor activities like scuba diving, downhill skiing and golf.