Certified Sales Leadership Training (CSL)

The Certified Sales Leader (CSL) designation is the country’s most comprehensive sales leadership certification program offered.
CSL leadership training and certification will prepare you with the analytical, tactical and strategic sales management skills needed to drive revenue growth now…and into the future
CSL training is focused on expanding your skill set as a Sales Manager by providing you coaching, techniques and tools to lead a successful sales team.
Our program is delivered by experienced Sales Leaders who have over 25+ years of proven sales experience and are CSL trainer certified.

You don’t close a sale; you open
a relationship if you want to
build a long-term, successful

– Patricia Fripp

Quality leadership delivers extraordinary results

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  • Breaking Barriers 1

    Breaking Barriers

    What’s holding back your sales team?
    96% of Sales Managers want leadership training, but aren’t getting it.

  • Strong ROI 1

    Strong ROI

    77.3% of business owners will pay for more Sales Leadership Training taught by an experienced Sales Leader.

  • Modest Investment 1

    Modest Investment

    Our CSL program is only 1 week of face-to-face classroom training, focusing on sales leadership – a small investment to create powerful, in-house leadership for your company with guaranteed results!

What is CSL training
and certification?

The 3 ½ day training class includes a dedicated focus on expanding sales leadership skills, building proven sales processes and utilizing the tools needed to consistently drive revenue growth. Upon passing the exam, participants receive their CSL certification and join an elite group of sales leaders.

What does CSL training cover?

Training focuses on all sales components, from growing management skills to implementing the right sales processes.

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