Client Testimonials

We are proud to partner with forward-thinking companies committed to strong growth. Our results speak for themselves.

We have had other consultants, but they never rolled up their sleeves.

Jess CEO

As CEO I knew we could not grow further without professional sales leadership.

Gina CEO

I highly recommend Michael if your goal is sustained sales growth.

Dave President

I lean on Michael as my subject matter expert to my clients.

Hans Coach

Michael built our national sales team employing a highly professional and focused approach and process.

Rich Paul

Michael re-built our sales organization, fine-tuned our strategy, focusing on our sales behavior and being strategically proactive.

Vivian CFO

Brilliant, extremely experienced and easy to work with. Michael gave invaluable insight into our company’s sales process. I highly, highly recommend him.

Isaac Coach

Michael helped us launch a new division. He developed a strategic Sales Plan, built a revenue plan, and installed new sales processes.

Alex SVP Strategy

Working with Michael Wills has been transformative for the Boca Bearings Company. He gives us a laser sharp focus and forces our organization to only work on the things that produce the best results. Michael Wills knows how to build and develop individuals into team players even under a 100% remote work environment. I am grateful to have him during these particularly challenging times.

Jason CEO

Michael created a sales foundation, and developed an extensive Sales Playbook covering Sales Strategy through Buyer Personas to Sales Execution. We extended our relationship, so Michael can hire Sales “rock-stars”, fully implement the Playbook throughout our company, and achieve our growth plan. Michael did what he promised, which was great for Applied Innovations.

Jess CEO

Michael worked with us each week to build a sales plan, develop sales processes and migrate from a legacy CRM into a new best-in-class tool. He helped us develop new pricing structures, re-build client proposals and hire sales experts. Now we have a professional sales structure focused on the right customer opportunities and are selling strategically. I appreciated Michael’s professionalism and good-natured personality through the process.

Richard CEO

Michael has worked with me on numerous occasions in my practice of advising CEO’s. With deep sales executive experience, he has a strong ability to dive into root causes of sales growth performance, with an analytical approach. I lean on him as a subject matter expert and resource.

Hans Coach

I highly recommend that CEO’s contact Michael if creating sustained sales growth is a priority to your company. It is very important to find good people who can bring value to your team and organization. With Michael’s strategic leadership we quickly changed many processes allowing us to create a new culture and behaviors improving our future.

Dave President