Decades of Experience in Growth

We are “builders” who don’t just provide advice, but roll up our sleeves and build the sales infrastructure that will lead to the achievement of your growth goals. We leverage decades of experience in business as entrepreneurs, managers, sales leaders and yes, even front line sales people to help transform your business. Sales is the number one driving force in top line revenue growth and overall business health. Give your Sales Team the attention they deserve.

Focus and Experience Matter

We bring our sales experience to your team

Part of Your Team

We take over the work of leading your sales team each week, implementing your growth vision. By running weekly sales meetings, conducting training, and making client visits we hold salespeople accountable, creating a high-impact sales culture. We ensure you have the right sales plan, compensation plans, structure and processes, with the right sales talent to execute your strategy and achieve your profit goals.

We work fractionally so you get the benefit of extensive experience at a cost appropriate to your business.

It is almost impossible to be an expert in all disciplines. At Top Line Solutions, we are experts in Sales, period.

Years of experience and a proven track record to produce top-notch talent that wins the right clients at optimal margins.

Results Driven

  • Consistent Sales Growth
  • Effective Sales Strategy & Implementation
  • Accurate Sales Forecasting
  • Talent Assessment & Training
  • Motivation Compensation Plans
  • Consistent Sales Activity Execution
  • Tested Tools and Systems

Industry Agnostic

Don’t wait, we can help your business too!

  • Construction
  • Cosmetics
  • Consumer Products
  • Professional Services
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Machine Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Parking Solutions
  • Information Technology

Michael Wills

Michael Wills brings the experience of leading sales teams of 5 to 400+, with responsibility for more than $1 billion in annual revenue, and leverages those insights to help entrepreneurs. Through an award-winning corporate sales and sales leadership career, he has traveled the world helping small-cap to Fortune 100 companies of all industries, generating outstanding sales results and high client satisfaction. From his natural leadership, his sales teams are always highly motivated, well trained, and laser-focused on achieving strategies and targets.

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Client Testimonials

We are proud to partner with forward-thinking companies committed to strong growth. Our results speak for themselves.

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